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The ngopack is built on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud - Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and adds on all must-have apps and features for your successful fundraising.


Why ngopack?

We start where NPSP ends. We took it as an amazing baseline and develop it further. We’ve already implemented Salesforce in more than 130 NGOs and identified fundraising functions and tasks that consume a lot of your time and costs.

Are you new to the Salesforce universe? 

We will guide you through every step of the whole implementation process. We’ll set up ngopack for you and fine-tune it according to your needs. You’ll get all your data and workflows under control in one platform. On top of that, you’ll gain access to all must-have apps for your fundraising. We’ll train your people and provide you with continuous support.   

Do you think that your situation and requirements are unique and pre-build package is not for you? No problem. We are here to develop a customized Salesforce solution that fulfills all your needs however sophisticated they are.    

Using Salesforce already?  

Have you implemented Salesforce some time ago and now intend to go further? Do you need to introduce new workflows and marketing automation, improve lead gen integration or develop new reporting features? Or do you even plan to completely rethink your current setup? Let’s discuss what we can do for you.  

Gift Processing 

Manage your gifts with ease. Integrate your bank account and all payment services and load your transactions directly to Salesforce. Automatically process credit card gifts or any recurring donations. Set automatic actions for failed payments. Adyen payment gateway integration.

Automated  Journeys and Workflows

Create a great donor experience and long-lasting relationships with advanced automation. Build workflows based on automatically calculated fields showing someone’s behavior and determining which journey to take.  

Online Fundraising

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E-shops integration

Do you sell merchandise or any other products or services?  Connect your Salesforce with leading e-shop platforms and integrate contacts and orders data. Supported platforms: WooCommerce,, Shoptet

Lead Gen Integration

Connect your lead forms or tools and capture all data in Salesforce. Send people on the appropriate automated journey any time someone signs a petition, signs up for an event, buys merchandise, etc. Build the relationship from scratch.


Preference Center

Empower your donors to update their personal information, communication preferences, and marketing consent. Let them help you to keep your data fresh and clean. 


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